What is TorpedoMen?

TorpedoMen is the place to find or organize groupsex, from just a few dudes in a downtown apartment to a large organized warehouse party. Scan a map for groupsex that are happening near you and "right now," or starting soon. See who's attending, who's at the groupsex, who has left. Scope out the scene with a private groupsex chatroom. Or just cruise for guys or your regular buds. And that's just the beginning of what you can do... join now to find out more!

Works on all your devices!

TorpedoMen is a mobileĀ­-optimized site that feels like an "app" on your smartphone, but works like a full-featured site on your tablet, notebook or desktop. Why restrict your options... competitive apps and sites work on one or the other, but not well on both.

Not censored! More privacy.

Apps, like Scruff and Grindr, are highly regulated and limited in what they can offer because of censorship by Apple and Google. Because TorpedoMen is a mobile website and not an installed app, it doesn't fall inside the iron curtain. It's also completely secure and there's no chance of getting spied on by Big Brother!

Free is an awesome price!

TorpedoMen its totally free. It might not always be free, but we'll lock a one year commitment for unlimited free access to everyone who joins now and stays active on the site.