Adding TorpedoMen to your mobile homescreen allows it to function more like an app, outside of the browser, no side swiping, no address bar. Literally takes two clicks to set up. Click here for the instructional popup (works only on mobile devices).

TorpedoMen is supported on Mac OS and Windows desktops running Chrome, IE and Firefox. On mobile, newer Apple and Android devices are supported using their builtĀ­in browsers.

The color represents user activity. Green = guy has been online very recently, likely within hours. Yellow = guy has been online recently, like within several days. Transparent = guy hasn't been online recently.

You can upload photos in popular formats (PNG, JPEG, GIF) up to 20Mb, and videos files in popular formats (MOV, MP4, MPG, MPEG, AVI, MKV) up to 200Mb.

iPhone/iPad users must upgrade to iOS 8.4.1 or higher to fix a serious bug affecting file uploads.

Make sure you click "Allow" or "Share location" so that TorpedoMen can determine your location. If you don't, the site will guess where you are based on your IP address. You can always correct geolocation errors by clicking the Globe icon and dragging the pin to your correct location on the map. For more help with geolocation, visit our Geolocation FAQ.

If you accidentally deny access to TorpedoMen and/or other sites, check the above Geolocation FAQ for instructions on how to change those settings. Again, as a last resort, you can always drag the pin to your correct location.

Note to Firefox users: FF 43.X has a bug with geolocation; you may want to upgrade to a newer version or use another browser.

Your personal information is never shared, ever. We require a mobile number to verify your identity. We want a quality site with no bots and as few fake users as possible. Also, if you lose your password you can retrieve it via SMS. You also receive message notifications from the site via SMS, which you can control or set to "do not disturb" under My Notifications. TorpedoMen allows you to be as in touch or out of touch as you want to me. For example, pros may wish to be notified immediately so they don't miss any opportunities, whereas corporate users may wish to not be disturbed.

Make sure safari is not running in "private" mode. Open Safari, tap on the multiple tabs icon (should be furthest to right), and make sure private is not highlighted.

To unlock your private photos, either send a fuck buds request to or approve a fuck buds request from the person you want to share photos with.

To deactivate your membership, go to My Account > Profile > Deactivate Profile. You will be removed from all map views, messages, chats, groupsex, notifications, etc. To reactivate your account, login again.